What does inspiration sound like?

One key source of inspiration for me for as long as I can remember has been the DJs and producers known as Masters At Work. A name that definately rings true. I remember hearing their classic studio album Nuyorican Soul when I was 14 years old and thinking this is best damn album I have ever heard. And even today after having my taste buds mature for 23 years I will agree with my teenage fanboy sentiment and say it is the best all-star dance albums ever recorded.

Thank the Lord, Kenny Dope Gonzales and Little Louie Vega are STILL HERE for us to enjoy.

What was the reason for this post again? Ah yes, what does inspiration sound like? Well I follow religiously both of these producers and buy their releases whenever new goodies come out of the oven.

One recent source of inspiration and musical mindfulness has been from one half of MAW Little Louie Vega teaming up with another NYC legend David Morales in a project aptly named Kings of NYC House. It took about nine months come out after I heard it for the first time on Little Louie Vega´s monthly Open Air Sessions radio show on WorldwideFM. Good things come to those who wait, right?

It is out now on all digital music outlets for you to buy and support. Get yours and share some good vibrations on the dance floor or in the kitchen while dancing with your family.

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