TP Review: New Moodymann EP ‘Sinner’ on KDJ

Whatupdoe. The closest thing we have to a modern-day Prince is none other that Kenny Dixon Jr aka Moodymann. He has definitive fandom towards the Purple One (for example this Prince shrine in Detroit filled with wonders both delightful and strange. I think every music lover should have a similar approach to KDJ. 

Moodyman in my spot

He was spotted at a BBQ in Detroit selling copies of his brand new five-tracker titled ‘Sinner’ for $10 a pop. Now he has also shared a new music video (YES LORD) for the double-pack’s lead single ‘I’ll Provide’. Listen. Jam. Repeat.

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  1. Hei tommi! Cool website!! DIDN’T KNOW YOU HAD MET WITH MOODYMAN AND HAD A PICTURE WITH HIM HAHA! Hope you are doing well in these times – chaitanya

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