Musings of a music man…

I created this space as my de facto memory base. Really, it’s a platform to let my thoughts roam free, share inspiration and information; to talk about on going projects and shit that gets me excited. Welcome.

A native Aquarian (big up soulquarians) and frequent wanderer, I continuously reflect on where I’ve been and where I want to be. At some point 37 trips around the sun will leave a mark, and all my experiences of soul, grit, generosity and good vibes are ingested, wrapped up and fused into my psyche and expressed through my music. For me, music was just as important as the visionary mind behind it. Growing up, I knew songs by heart, and liner notes from memory. And hearing new DJs were gospel – no easy feat for a Finnish kid in the 90’s.

My area of specialty is Afro house. Wasn’t always the case. But having an older brother open the underground club  scene from an early age, expedited many things. I had easy access to the best house, disco, funk parties around. It was a classic club kid story. Daytime I’d hand out flyers and when the weekend rolled ’round, seamless backdoor entry – no need for ID. I was partying with people twice my age in the era before camera phones and social media. Everyone was free to move how they wanted to – no rules just vibes. And at the centre. House. House music speaks to the mind. It moves you from the bone, you feel it in your chest. It’s the goddamn air your breath. Once I got a taste of Frankie Knuckles etc. There was no going back.

So I started becoming useful. Since I wasn’t established enough to start playing sets, I took up lighting design. Been a light jockey since I was 15 – and it’s through this I’ve had the chance to work side by side with so many personal heroes like Matthew Herbert, Gilles Peterson, Kerri Chandler and other internationally-acclaimed DJs and producers taking in Helsinki´s dynamic club scene. When I say working side by side – that is exactly what it was. Artists visiting a club venue always rely on the technical on-site staff. They play their music to fit the mood and move the crowd. My mission was to listen with a keen ear, follow the DJ and predict upcoming changes in song structure and create a complementary ambiance with club lights always on cue. This, in my opinion is what makes a night unforgettable.

I focused on light design for roughly 10 years – starting from the late nighties, while collecting vinyl and playing records myself. Developed a style, worked on it, evolved it. Shit, I’m still on it. Around 2006 when I was carving a niche and DJing regularly, an opportunity came up to start a radio show on then upcoming Bassoradio. I had already been a long-time fan for incomparable tastemaker DJs & broadcasters such as Gilles Peterson and John Peel so this was a big thing for me.

We started our bi-monthly radio show Music People on Bassoradio and felt I’d already come a full cycle from listener to light jockey to DJ and ultimately starting as radio broadcaster. At the time I was working as an unmotivated home appliances sales guy who was living hard for the weekends when the newly-founded online radio station got its first FM broadcasting license. I saw an opportunity to work closely with music, entertainment and media so I decided to make the jump. I started working in the radio station´s media sales team and caught a career-changing break that I am still following.

During all these experiences and moments with music I have never stopped dreaming about making music myself without really making any efforts in learning how to do it. But now time’s up. I need to get these sounds out of my head. Partially the reason why I’m writing this here is because it helps me set concrete personal goals and focus my priorities. Better time management of my own creativity. Less social media and more time for my family and finding the right workflow in using DAWs and producing music. Helps me connect with music, myself and with other people listening to the musical vibrations I intend to put out in the universe for you to hear and dance to.

Naturally all sorts of new, old, unknown of forgotten sounds worthy of your attention and mine will be an intergral part of this site until the cows come home. Hope you enjoyed this rambling strain of though of my musical background and what defines me as a DJ, broadcaster and sound experience advisor in the world of audio branding.

Thank you for listening.